In Memory of Ben Rabinowitz

In memory of my father, Ben Rabinowitz, who recently passed away, please follow his example by doing the following:

• If you come upon someone who appears to need help — they look lost, they’re a few cents short, they’ve fallen and could use a hand to get to their feet — stop and help the person. Don’t even pause to consider if you’re in too much of a rush to get somewhere, of if someone else could provide that help, or whether you’ll ever see that person again.

• If you have a friend that needs a big favor — to borrow a car that you’re not using, a place to stay — don’t even stop to think about it; offer it. • If there’s someone new at your office, or in your school, or in your synagogue, become his friend. Make him feel welcome. Invite him over for a meal.

• If someone slights you, disrespects you, or even viciously insults you, don’t counter attack or take revenge. Not even on your deathbed. • Don’t just opt for right over wrong when its in front of you, but pursue right. Devote time to doing what’s right.

• Make people laugh, especially the staff in doctor’s offices, restaurant workers, hospital workers, your employees, your family, and your friends. • Have a positive impact on as many people as possible. Kiss as many people as possible. Get as many people as possible to want to call you “Uncle _____”

• Before you die, gather as much of your family around you as you can, and tell them as a group and individually how happy they’ve made you, how much you love them, and the good you hope that comes to them.



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